Trifectas in Storytelling (Feat. Jenny Bienemann, Michael R. Oldham)


Original air date July 14th, 2019.

Haikus, song workshops, and fifteen years of making music. Adela sits down with Jenny Bienemann to discuss her recently released book of poetry, residencies at FitzGerald's Nightclub, the delicate art of simplicity, and how her creative journey in Chicago has lead her to where she is today.

Later, Michael Oldham comes on the show to talk about the impact of film soundtracks on his storytelling style, his favorite composers, directors, and some snips from his fantastic CD "In Select Theaters."

New Music:

“Hidden Tears” - Emma Ohm

“Woman” - Public Disco Porch

“How it Feels” - Cass Cwik

Jenny Bienemann

Michael R. Oldham

The Underbelly Hours:

Andy King